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STARlab at Catalysing Change Week: May 9-13, 2022

Updated: May 6, 2022

STARlab's co-founders, Dr. Marissa Kaloga and Rasha Abu Safieh serve as chairs of the Aotearoa New Zealand Chapter of Catalyst 2030, as well as being core members of the Australaisan Regional Chapter. Each year Catalyst2030 holds a Catalysing Change Week.

Catalysing Change Week (CCW) is the world’s largest event led by social innovators and entrepreneurs to share knowledge, exchange ideas and accelerate collaborative systems change during more than 250 sessions and activities in a dedicated annual week.

The theme of CCW2022 (9-13 May 2022) is “Let’s Re-Energise the SDGs” that is built around three catalysing themes: Amplify. Accelerate. Action. Learn more about these catalysers here.

The week is coordinated by Catalyst 2030, bringing together social entrepreneurs, representatives from the private sector, governments, funders and others involved in systems change, to inspire change in support of achieving the SDGs.

The CCW2022 programme includes many hybrid, offline and online sessions and events (all free of charge). We urge everyone to identify opportunities that could lead to synergies and partnerships with other participants. The Catalyst 2030 network will organise and host events throughout the Week, while the Secretariat will coordinate the overall CCW event.

STARlab at Catalysing Change Week:

The Smallest Bird

The Smallest Bird, written and recorded by Marissa Kaloga of Marissa & The Dandelions, has been selected by the Catalyst2030 secretariat as the official song of Catalysing Change Week 2022. Click below to listen and download (free).

Marasha Show

We will sing, talk about system change from within and do some storytelling. (Treat yourself well if you want to change the world). Laugh. Inspire. Remember your humanity. Come and join us for a soul-refreshing 15 minutes for three days; amazing guests will join our stage as well, don’t miss the best 15 minutes of the day.


  • Bringing your whole self to your work

  • Finding balance in systems change work

  • Joy as an act of resistance

Resilience and Crisis: Developing an Adaptive Mindset for Social Innovation

Rasha Abu Safieh is Catalyst2030 Aotearoa New Zealand chapter co-chair, Edmund Hillary Fellow, Time Magazine Next Generation Leader 2018, co-founder of the first IT impact-sourcing social enterprise in Palestine, social entrepreneur, innovator, change-maker, mother, and much more. Rasha is a Palestinian refugee who studied in UNRWA school and lived through three wars in Gaza. A new migrant in New Zealand, Rasha will walk you through her lived life story, a story that will inspire you, a story that can tell you truthfully how a living crisis could be your pathway to creating system change. Rasha’s journey is an amazing illustration of the human spirit and being true to your universal guidance and values to bring hope and inspiration despite the cards of life we are dealt.

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